If you always wanted to feel like you are sleeping on the planet Mars, this is your chance! Memories Aicha Luxury Camp is the ultimate glamping experience in the Wadi Rum desert. It doesn’t matter if you are seeking adventure, stargazing or ultimate comfort, this place has it all. 

Glamping in Wadi Rum desert, or any other desert, is becoming more and more popular and you will have plenty of places to choose from. From budget tents, bubbles, and luxury pods. But which one should you choose?

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp in Wadi Rum

Upon your arrival at Memories Aicha Luxury Camp by Jeep, you can already spot the blue domed pods from far. Local staff will support you with anything you need and accompany you to your private dome. The domes were far more spacious than I expected, with AC a private, a bathroom and running water. The roof, even though it looks blue, from the inside is transparent allowing you to watch thousands of stars at night right from your bed. The interior design is high-class Arabic, making you feel like a true princess or prince from the Aladdin movie. You don’t have WIFI in the pods, which is a good thing, so you can truly enjoy your digital detox. 

Blue dome at Memories of Aicha Luxury Camp
Luxury Panoramic Suite at Memories of Aicha Luxury Camp

Just FYI, do your research before booking a glamping spot in Wadi Rum, because many places that seem like glamping, don’t have a private bathroom or even a heater. It can get cold out in the Winter. Just choose wisely. 

The Memories of Aicha Luxury Camp offers buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner that is served in their amazing Cave-like restaurant. The food had Indian and Jordan local flavors, very tasty! The place also included evening entertainment with locals performing local music. And yes, you will have WIFI here to connect! 

Things to do at and around Memories of Aicha Luxury Camp 

1) Go on a Jeep Safari

The Wadi Rum Jeep Safari is an absolute must. You can choose from 3 hour or 5 hour tours. Also read Wild Wadi Rum – Experience Wadi Rum by Jeep Safari with all the tips and tricks you need before booking your Jeep Safari at the local rate! 

2) Go Stargazing and Watch Thousands of Stars

Aicha Luxury Camp offers stargazing tours at 8pm if the weather allows, where a local guide will take you into the desert for the best stargazing spots. You can ofcourse also stargaze directly from your private luxury pod. 

3) View Wadi Rum from above by Hot Air Balloon

You also can book your morning balloon flight directly with the camp for only 166 euros. I found this extremely cheap as I spent around 500 euros to do the same in Bagan, Myanmar.

How to get to Memories Aicha Luxury Camp

This was a bit tricky, it seemed from all the research, but actually super easy. All you need to do is get to the Wadi Rum Visitor Center, or Wadi Rum village and the camp will arrange a free shuttle service. You can also ask your Jeep driver to drop you directly at the hotel. The locals have a “go with the flow” mentality and anything is possible, simply ask. 

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