Hi There, Nice to E-meet You!

First, I wanted to say THANK YOU for checking out my blog!

Seriously, it means so much to me that you are here stopping by to visit and dedicating your precious time. I sincerely hope that you get inspired for your next travel adventure on where to eat, sleep and travel. I promise you, I only share the “real” the raw and the best of planet earth!

I have been traveling the world since I was born, I simply don’t know any better. My parents lived the expat live and me and my sister followed along. We are from The Netherlands, but you cannot consider me “Dutch” because I feel like a tourist in my own country. No FOR REAL! I was born in Holland, grew up in Curacao, spent my teenage life in Italy, studied in Holland and Malta, did most of my professional career in Geneva Switzerland as a Digital Marketeer, while living in France. A true world citizen!

My biggest passion is discovering the ultimate travel experiences with a touch of luxe, staying in the most unique accommodations that have that little “extra” and tasting the most amazing culinary foods while making unforgettable memories.

I truly hope you enjoy reading my blog and that it will inspire you to live your best life traveling, experiencing, tasting, and enjoying. Remember this: Time is precious, #YOLO, live in the present moment and make happy memories. No excuses! 😉